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Mens breeches

Are you looking for some new men’s breeches? The selection of riding clothes for men is generally a little smaller than the selection of riding clothes for women. Still, a lot of great riding gear is being made for men. Not least here at Mustang Sportswear, where we have designed and created two different types of horse riding pants for men in the highest quality.


Comfort and fit are just two important elements when choosing horse riding pants for men. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned equestrian, wearing riding breeches that you feel comfortable in is essential to perform at your best in training, events or other similar equestrian competitions. Because if you don’t have the right breeches that fit exactly your anatomy, you can run the risk of them being too tight or too loose – and neither of these are particularly appropriate when you have to perform in the saddle.


Horse Riding Pants For Men

Here at Mustang Sportswear, as already mentioned, we have designed two different types of breeches for men: Our Michael Breeches and our Michael Breeches with Full Seat (full grip). Our Michael breeches for men feature 4-way stretch fabric with Alcantara knee leather. This means that the riding tights allow for full movement, just as the knee pads keep the rider in place. These comfortable mens breeches are also equipped with perforated details at the calf, which make the horse riding leggings very breathable. The trousers also have a classic design, which is why you can easily use them as fashionable everyday trousers. Choose between the colors sky captain, nomad or bright white.


Our Michael breeches with a full seat – or Michael breeches, as they are also called – also have 4-way stretch fabric, but the horse riding pants also have Alcantara full leather, which ensures a safe and stable sitting position for the rider. The breeches are made in the functional and responsible Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, which is a certification that is given to textiles such as is produced sustainably. As is the case with our other Michael breeches, these riding tights for men are equipped with a ventilation system at the calf, which makes the riding tights both breathable and quick drying.

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