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What are horse riding pants?

Horse riding pants– or breeches and jodhpurs – help the rider sit comfortably and safely on the saddle. They are close-fitting around the buttocks, thighs, and legs with fine, discreet seams, which avoid bulk under high riding boots. Our horse riding pants are specially designed to be worn with high riding boots, which is why there is plenty of room.


Horse riding pants: Why do you need them when riding?

Horse riding pants, such as breeches, jodhpurs, or riding tights, ensure a comfortable and safe ride. The pants are equipped with grips on either the inside of the knees or at the buttocks, which ensures that you stay in the saddle when riding. The trousers are of course made of a comfortable, elastic material, which means that it is easy to get on and off the horse.


When riding, comfort is also a key word. When you are comfortable, you can focus on the rides and build a closer relationship with your horse without being distracted. Properly designed horse riding pants, such as breeches and riding tights, improve communication between rider and horse when the breeches are equipped with grips, as is the case with our breeches.


Fabric for horse riding leggings

It is crucial that breeches and other breeches do not restrict you during your rides. To avoid this, it is important to have a good fit that neither squeezes, rubs nor gnaws. If you experience just one of these problems, you should probably choose breeches in a different size. Similarly, riding is an intense sport which, among other things, requires clothing that can be moved freely in. Therefore, the clothing must be both breathable, stretchy and quick-drying. Traditionally, riding clothes have been made of pure cotton, but it has become more and more popular to choose synthetic fabric blends. Our Riding tights and pants are all made in a 4-way stretch fabric which allows you to move freely.


Traditionally, horse riding pants been made with grips in suede or leather, but now it is more common for these to be made in synthetic materials such as faux suede or silicone. The problem with suede and leather is that breathability is limited, and these materials can be difficult to keep clean and maintain. With the synthetic alternatives, you get much more flexibility and breathability, which is not the case with the more classic ones.


Riding trousers with full seat grip

You can e.g. get riding trousers with a full seat grip that covers the seat and the inside of the legs down to the calf. This automatically reinforces the contact between the saddle and the seat, resulting in safer riding. In addition, breeches with full seat grip are often used in connection with dressage, as dressage requires a particularly strong connection to the saddle and the horse. Likewise, breeches with full seat grip may be preferable among inexperienced riders or easily startled horses.


Riding trousers with knee grips

Trousers and tights with knee grips, sitting on the inside of the knee, give you more freedom in the saddle, which is preferred among show jumpers. You can e.g. much easier to do two point jumps with breeches with knee grips or tights. These riding trousers are popular with more experienced riders, just as they go well with calmer horses.


The difference between jodhpurs, breeches and riding tights

Jodhpurs are traditional horse riding pants inspired by Indian-style polo attire that were once loose and otherwise only flowed between the knees and ankles. Modern jodhpurs have a different fit: they are tight all the way and long, which also makes them ideal for low riding boots such as paddock or jodhpur boots. Sometimes these breeches have an elastic stirrup that wraps around the outside of the boot to keep the pant legs in place.

Breeches are tighter and longer, which is why they fit well with higher riding boots. Breeches are the obvious choice for the more experienced riders, while jodhpurs are really good for beginners.

Riding tights are becoming more and more popular due to their ease of use, versatility, and comfort. Their thin fabric means they are perfect for hot summer rides. They can also be used for everyday use or in connection with relaxing activities.


Children’s jodhpurs

We have designed and created for different types of breeches for children, ranging from size 128 to size 158: Maya JR. Breeches, which are classic breeches with full grip or knee grip. What both riding pants have in common is that they have a ventilation system at the calf, which ensures that the breeches are wonderfully comfortable and breathable. In addition, the breeches have a medium-high waist, and they are made of quick-drying and robust materials. See our range of breeches for children here.


Men’s breeches

We have also designed and created breeches for men: Michael Breeches with full grip and knee grip. The breeches with full grip have alcantara full leather, which ensures that you sit extra stable on the saddle. Both breeches can be used for training as well as riding competitions. Our riding trousers are breathable  and comfortable to wear. You will find our men’s breeches here.


Women’s jodhpurs

You will of course also find breeches for women here at Mustang Sportswear. Take e.g. our Mila Breeches in the color Black Beauty, which have 4-way stretch fabric with silicone knee grips. These smart riding tights have elastic at the waist and ankle, which, among other things, ensures that your riding trousers are kept in place. See our breeches for ladies here.


Maintenance of breeches and riding tights

Riding tights and breeches attract a lot of dirt, which is why they need to be washed often. We recommend that you wash the trousers inside out at a maximum of 30 degrees. Avoid tumble drying or using fabric softener, as this does not benefit the clothes or the environment.

If you have any questions about our breeches, please feel free to contact us at

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