About us

The story behind Mustang Sportswear

Mustang Sportswear was founded in 2021 with a vision to bring a new level of exquisite Nordic functionality and exceptional quality into equestrian fashion.

Mustang Sportswear is the story of a meeting between two worlds: a passionate individual from equestrian sports and a highly-skilled fashion designer, whom both saw a potential market for their combined specialist knowledge. Their joint enthusiasm quickly created the foundation for Mustang Sportswear, a brand that uniquely bridges the gap between equestrian apparel and casual fashion.

With roots deep in the Danish soil, Mustang Sportswear will continue its journey towards becoming the leading brand for functional and stylish equestrian clothing.

It must be meaningful.

As a production company and in a world of overproduction, we strive to question how we may have the most positive impact possible. The garments we make should not be a burden to the environment.

Mustang Sportswear aspires to implement as many sustainable initiatives as we can. We are always learning and seek to get better every day. Both by using responsible materials in the development of our garments and making them as durable as possible.

We want you to take good care of the products and keep them as a treasured companion while doing what you love. That means that neither fit, comfort, nor performance is a hindrance. Your Mustang Sportswear items are created with the ambition to become classics with a long-lasting nature.

Designing for a lifestyle

With our design studio, situated on the coastline north of Copenhagen, Mustang Sportswear applies the Nordic tradition of functional minimalism to all our collections.

Merging simplicity with sporty luxury, Mustang Sportswear rethinks the meaning of equestrian refinement and creates pieces that can also be worn outside of the stables. In other words, we combine our love of equestrian sport and nature with our background in fashion. The result is a wardrobe merged of stylish leisurewear and highly functional products.

The heritage of the equestrian sport is embedded in every piece: each style is condensed into its most streamlined, comfortable, and functional form with an eye on the details to ensure nothing gets in the way of training and competition.

Our values

As a brand firmly rooted in Nordic nature and with a deep love for horses, Mustang Sportswear is profoundly committed to incorporating sustainability into our design and development.

It is important for us to minimize our environmental footprint. Implementing sustainability in all aspects of our design process cannot be done skipping by corners – but has that ever been an option within an equestrian mentality?

For you to feel comfortable, our clothes are created from organic fabrics, natural materials, and recycled performance textiles that work in sync with the body and the elements. For us, textile technology begins with sustainability.

We don’t believe that anyone needs more clothes. Instead, they need better clothes.

That is why we hope you will Care for the ride.

We care about the impact we have.

At Mustang Sportswear, we strive to make a positive impact on our surroundings. We believe that well-made garments contribute to a better equestrian lifestyle by providing the rider with warm, comfortable, and durable products.

We are aware that producing garments can harm our environment. Therefore, we challenge ourselves to make our products as sustainable as possible while maintaining a high level of performance.

We create products close to home where it makes sense

We strive to use recycled synthetic fibres only

We use GOTS-certified cotton

Our outerwear uses PFC free DWR

We constantly challenge ourselves to push our sustainability journey further and lower our impact.

We also challenge you to care for our planet, care for our products, and care about the ride.

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